About Me

Henry Hardman is an experienced home repair and remodelling professional with broad knowledge and expertise in HVAC repair, plumbing, appliance repair, electrical installation, and carpentry. He holds certifications from the National Association of the Remodelling Industry, Environmental Protection Agency, and Minnesota Special Engineers Boiler license, making him a trusted authority in his field.

Henry started his career in the early 90s, establishing a residential siding company with his sister. Despite her passing, he continued to work as a carpenter and contractor, and participated in several one and two-story home replacements. In recent years, he redirected his focus to rental property maintenance and accumulated a great deal of experience in the area.

Presently, Henry operates a successful small business that offers home repair services, and also serves as a DIY consultant. Thanks to his years of experience, he is a valuable resource for those seeking expert advice on home-related projects.