Henry Hardman

Henry Hardman has a huge experience in home remodelling and maintenance. He is a mentor, father of two children, and home remodelling consultant. He acquired vast knowledge and skills in the areas of HVAC repair, plumbing, appliance repairman, electrical installation. Throughout his career he was working for several house flipping projects. Currently, he is running a small business for home repair services where he tackles many home DIY projects. EXPERTISE: Home Repair, Maintenance, And Remodelling, DIY Consulting, Carpentry, Home related Electronic products (Oven, fridge etc) He has received the following certifications : Certified lead carpenter by The National Association of the Remodelling Industry in 2003 Received the Environmental Protection Agency certification Received the Minnesota Special Engineers Boiler licence Experience Henry has started his career in home remodelling that begins in the early 90's. During that time he began a residential sliding company along with his sister. A few years later, sadly his sister passed away. However, he did continue his profession as a carpenter and contractor and has been involved with many one and two stories home replacements. In this century, he left his mainstream contracting business and get started with the rental property maintenance work so that time he acquired maximum knowledge based on experience.