How To Dehydrate Fruits On Bethenny Frankel Toaster Oven

Bethenny Frankel is announced to release her toaster oven in recent times. Which is one of her own kind of inventions. It comes with amazing features that improve your cooking quality. She proclaims that it will be like a traditional toaster oven. Which will serve for the best ways of cooking.

Dehydrated fruits are for long term use. If you want to preserve the food , you will surely need to dehydrate or dry up your fruits. Today we will discuss the facts behind the dehydration of fruits in the toaster oven.

Also in times of a crisis dehydrated foods are often a solution to survive for a long time. You can store dry foods for a longer period of time because of the process it goes through. It gives you the same amount nutritions while eating dry foods long after it has been dehydrated. 

If you are thinking of a long adventurous tour somewhere in the mountains, dehydrated food will give you the chance to roam freely. Without having any burden of cooking, as you don’t need to cook frequently on the road. Just eat them as crispy fruits on your journey.

Bethenny Frankel Toaster Oven

How To Dehydrate Fruits On Bethenny Frankel Toaster Oven

First Step:

Take some fruits. Let’s say you want to dehydrate some apples. Then you need to buy some apples from the groceries. The amount of dehydrating fruits always depends on the mood of the users. So, you have to make decisions about that. 

Second Step:

Rinse the fruits. Wash them with water and dry them . Take the amount you want to dehydrate on a particular side.

Third Step:

Now slice them into pieces. You can slice them as you like. But the same size of slices will increase the dehydration process. 

Fourth step:

After slicing them into the same sizes, take some lemon water. Add two tablespoons of lemon mix with 1 liter of water. Put one tablespoon of cinnamon in the mixer. Put the slices in the water mixer for a time being and put them back on the pot. Dry them again. 

Fifth Step:

Take the slices on to the oven rack. Put the oven temperature 145 degree fahrenheit . Dry them up for 6 to 8 hours.

Surprisingly, you won’t need that amount of time. After 2 to 3 hour check for the apples inside the oven. You may find them already being crisp and brittle. If not, go for another 2 hour. Then you will definitely see them becoming crispy and brittle. 

Last but not the least, store them in a dry place with some good pots. So. You can enjoy them whenever you want.

Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating 

Freeze drying is the process of complete removal of water content from any element, where dehydrating is only to remove low levels of water content from the elements. Means after dehydrating anything there will still some of water moisture available on the element, but freeze drawings means complete removal of moisture content. Which is also called evaporation.

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