Is Calphalon Unison Sear Oven Safe

Calohalon unison sear is a pan with a sturdy stainless steel build. People often get confused about this product to using it inside the oven. This product comes with a non stick finish type. Therefore, is Caphalon unison sear oven safe? 

Yes, Calphalon unison sear is oven safe as well as dishwasher safe. But, like other oven safe pans, it can tolerate up to a fixed limit of temperature. Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it can nicely provide its service. 

However, Calphalon unison sear is also safe for dealing with nylon, coated, or wooden utensils. This premium cookware is popular for making vegetables, braised beef, and chops. You can prepare cutlets and pan sauces using it without any malfunctioning. 

Is Calphalon Unison Sear Oven Safe

Is Calphalon Unison Sear Oven Safe?

Calphalon unison sear is a non stick finish type pan that’s built with stainless steel. Due to its stainless steel build, it absorbs heat from the source rapidly. If the oven temperature is around 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s okay. Even, 500 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty good for this product to claim as oven safe. 

But, it’s not oven safe when the temperature exceeds the limit. When the temperature is extremely high, its non stick finish starts to melt. Overheating Calphalon unison sear damages its coating over time. Also, extremely high temperatures can cause the release of harmful toxins. As a result, there will be health concerns. 

So, what’s the ideal temperature limit for the Calphalon unison sear pan? Keep the temperature limit from 300-500 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the food type on it. It’s better you don’t cross 450 degrees Fahrenheit for using it in the long run. 

Can you touch its handle without any protection? Well, after making it hot, it’s better to use a towel before touching the handles. Its handles are also built with premium quality aluminum. Better, keep it inside the oven for a while and then bring it out without using your hands directly. 

Is its glass cover also can tolerate the highest temperature? No, its glass covers are oven safe up to 450°F / 230°C. It’s because the glass isn’t manufactured with the same material as the main crockeries. If you put it inside the oven along with its glass, the output will be devastating. The glass will be broken for sure and your oven will face a fatal situation. 

What if you put extra heat on your Calphalon unison sear? The product will generate deep scratches on its outer part. Its nonstick coating will start to flake and peel. The possible reason for the coating to flake could be extremely high heat. Therefore, think twice before applying high heat to your nonstick cookware. 

Now, come to the point of the time limit. Is there any time limit for Calphalon unison sear to put in the oven? Yes, you shouldn’t put it inside the oven in high heat for more than 10-15 minutes in a row. The more you put it inside the heat, the less is its durability. Use the oven only to make the food on the pan hot

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