Camp Chef Griddle Warped- Explained Reasons & Solutions

Camp Chef is renowned for providing premium quality griddle along with promised longevity. Unfortunately, some complaints have been raised by the users about its warping. Is your camp chef griddle warped? Then it’s time to know everything in detail.

First of all, warping of the griddle is a natural phenomenon after a certain time. The interval gets decreased when it suddenly gets cooled down from the high temperature. There are some basic physics of heat and atomic changes behind this incident. 

However, the good news is the warped griddle can be restored to its original form. You’ll need a few instruments like a wooden mallet and a piece of wood to bring it in a usable condition.  

Camp Chef Griddle Warped

Why Camp Chef Griddle Warped And How To Solve It

First, get acquainted with the reasons behind this problem. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the camp chef griddle gets warped due to the rapid temperature change. According to the theory of temperature fluctuations, if the temperature increases, the steel will expand. 

After raising the temperature, the atomic movement inside the griddle becomes very high. As a result, they move with the highest motion and friction with each other. That’s how heat is produced in the griddle and it gets expanded. 

After a certain time, the griddle gets some rest from cooking. It’ll cool down automatically and this process causes the griddle to warp. If you continuously heat up and cool down a metal piece, it’ll lose its real shape. That’s the basic physics as well as the reason behind this phenomenon. 

Well, what do you do to stop the griddle from warping? The first piece of advice is don’t excessively preheat the top of the griddle. We recommend putting the minimum quantity of water on the griddle while washing just after cooking. However, this second piece of advice isn’t a prime reason behind the griddle warping but it can be when it’s continuously repeated. Last, of all, never think about putting the frozen item on the griddle top. The change in temperature may deform the griddle. 

It’s time to resolve this issue. Without having any metallurgical knowledge, you can get rid of this problem easily. Let’s talk about the first step. Grab a piece of wood and heat your stove to medium-high temperature. Then, put the skillet on the stove and heat it until it’s enough hot. There is no fixed time though, you shouldn’t take less than 20 minutes.

Well, you know safety comes first in any metallurgical operation. This time, you need to dress up yourself with protective equipment. Using a potholder or a similar tool, remove the griddle carefully. After that, you need to place it on a durable surface. Remember, the warped surface needed to be facing up. What if the warp is curved outward? You need to position it facing the down position. 

Now, put the piece of wood across the center of the bowed area. Take a mallet and apply it to hit the wood repeatedly. You shouldn’t stop until the pan has cooled off. This method is pretty simple and easy to execute. All you need to pay is your attention and good timing. 

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