Can Lodge Silicone Handles Go In The Oven

Lodge is a reputed brand for producing high-quality silicone handles. Using the handles, you can easily bring out any food item from the oven safely. People have confused about its usage process. Can Lodge silicone handles go in the oven? 

Yes, Lodge silicone handles can go inside the oven even if it’s a high temperature. Most silicone handles are safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit inside the oven. They come with low thermal conductivity and so, it’s a good pick. 

Silicone is a good choice over plastic and aluminum. It’s because silicone can withstand heat as well as cool down more efficiently. Therefore, your palms remain safe from the heat.

Can Lodge Silicone Handles Go In The Oven

Can Lodge Silicone Handles Go In The Oven?

A silicone handle cover from Lodge is an innovative kitchen accessory. Rather than using the traditional heat-protecting tools, silicone handles are more effective in the long run. They don’t get misshapen and discolored easily.

It’s a common question- can silicone melt in the oven due to the high temperature? No, silicone doesn’t have any melting point. Instead of melting, it changes its texture. As a result, it becomes brittle, and repeating the overheating process may permanently damage it. 

Removable silicone handle covers are also widely available. Lodge manufactures them in different convenient shapes. However, the removable silicone handles are versatile to use with different crockeries. If it’s manufactured with 100% silicone, perhaps you don’t need to detach them. They can cope with the high temperature of the oven most often. 

If it’s about the grip, silicone Lodge handles also win here. Their ultimate grip technology helps to hold the pan strongly to your hands. The handles offer sufficient friction and so, the possibility of slipping is negligible. Besides, they have the lightweight property and so, the pan doesn’t seem overweight. 

Silicone handles come under food safety grade. FDA approved that silicone doesn’t produce any hazardous fumes after inserting it into the oven. Also, it doesn’t react with any material. That’s why there is no extreme health issue with it. 

It’s not a matter of concern to fit the silicone handles precisely. You can use them easily with the Lodge traditional-style handles from 9 inches and more in diameter. The silicone handles are placed on the cast iron handle of the pan. There is a myth that cast iron will affect the silicone handles. Any utensil like silicone, wood, and even metal is welcome with it. 

So, now you need to know about the right process of inserting silicone handles into the oven. To put silicone handles in the oven, first, you need to observe the safe condition of the oven. If you open the oven before reaching the safety temperature, the silicone handles may get damaged. You need to wait until the temperature is below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You can reduce the chance of damage by using wet towels with silicone handles. Wrap the silicone handles in a double layer. Then, wrap two sheets of aluminum foil on it. It’ll help to deal with the additional heat effectively

Reaching the endpoint, you have known several benefits of the silicone handles. They may also create a few problems after getting in the oven. It starts to degrade over time. Also, it can cause an odor inside the oven at high temperatures. At the end of the day, Lodge silicone handles are good to go in the oven. 

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