How Do You Cancel The Self-Clean On A GE Oven

Self clean is a process of cleaning the oven automatically. When started it will take some desired time to complete the process. To maintain the oven functions smoothly, self clean is necessary.

You will  find the procedure process in the product manual. There are certain steps needed with certains processes for you to start the self clean on your oven. Based on the models you will find the differences between self clean procedures. Like finding the option of self clean it may differ because of the model you are using.

Once started it will stop when the full procedure is finished. You need not to stop  the self clean of your oven , it will stop automatically after it is finished.

Sometimes there will be errors like your oven isn’t stopping itself. What will  you have to do at this time?

How Do You Cancel The Self-Clean On A GE Oven

How To Cancel Self-Cleaning Oven GE

If your oven is giving you a hard time and you’re considering cancelling the self-cleaning cycle, there are a few things you should know. 

First, self-cleaning ovens have a lock that engages when the cycle is turned on. This is to prevent anyone from opening the door and being injured by the high heat. The lock can only be released once the cycle is complete. 

So, if you cancel the cycle, you’ll have to wait for it to finish before you can use your oven again. 

Second, cancelling a self-cleaning cycle is not as simple as just pressing a button. In fact, it’s quite complicated and if you’re not careful, you could end up doing more harm than good. 

The best way to cancel a self-cleaning cycle is to unplug the oven from the power source. This will disable the lock and allow you to open the door. Once the door is open, you’ll need to use caution as the oven will still be hot. 

Use an oven mitt or towel to protect your hand as you reach in and turn the knob to the “off” position. 

And that’s it! 

Once you’ve turned the knob to the off position, the self-cleaning cycle will be cancelled and you can go about your business. Just be sure to give the oven time to cool down before you attempt to use it again.

What Happens During Self Clean?

Your oven will have food particles left on it during the cooking. It is then necessary for you to clean the oven finely. Self clean is an option given by  the appliance companies on your oven. Cleaning cycles may  start automatically or manually depending on the model you are using.

Before starting you should check inside for any shiny racks to remove or any aluminium foil left behind. You should remove any pots that are still inside. You should check for the light bulb inside of the oven. Is it holding tightly in its place? 

After checking all necessary parameters, it’s now time for you to start the cleaning cycle. Close the oven door before starting the cycle. You will find the self clean options on ERC models. Or you have to rotate your knob to find it. 

Once you have found the options, you now can start the cleaning cycle. Now it will take the desired time to complete the self clean.

If you want to cancel it during cleaning, you have to press cancel or clear/off on your ERC models. After pressing cancel if it does not stop, then you should shut down the power of the oven completely.

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