How Many Fire Bricks To Build A Pizza Oven (Precise Calculation!)

The Pizza oven made of bricks helps a lot to trap the maximum temperature. Interestingly you can maintain a high temperature no matter you are using different fuels like gas, wood, and coal. Using these different fuels the taste will be different as well, so you will enjoy the diverse taste. 

If you are going to build a pizza oven then this would be fun! Because you can hang around the oven and at the end of the pizza preparation you will eat them with friends. 

But before you are planning to build a pizza oven you must know how many fire bricks to build a pizza oven. No worries, in this article we will give you a precise idea regarding that, so let’s read!

How Many Fire Bricks To Build A Pizza Oven

Overview Of Firebricks

Firebricks are two types, and they are concrete and normal bricks. The normal bricks made of clay are the standard fire bricks that you take into account. Such bricks are ideal for a pizza oven since it can withstand higher temperatures and also trap them and send them directly to the pizza oven. 

Lets give you the idea about it. Every fire brick made of clay has the ability to directly come in contact with fire and the temperature may rise up to 980°C. On the other hand, such bricks have the lower thermal conductivity, turns out those bricks insulate better and more energy efficient. 

Thankfully, the clay fire bricks are not only efficient but also they are affordable compared to other types. It is made of 55% Silica and 30% alumina. The composition of these made it strong and durable to sustain high temp and also last long. So if you are using such bricks then you are heading in the right direction. 

What’s The Number Of Firebricks To Build A Pizza Oven? 

Well, it actually depends on the size of the oven that you are going to build. We find that the average Pizza oven is 123x57x257mm. To give you more insight of it lets say each brick would be 9 x 4.5 = 40.5 square inches. 

Now, to find the square feet of that divide that by 144 and you will find the number would be 0.28 SF. Now, based on each brick size, you can find out your Pizza oven area no matter if it is large or small. 

For example, we take the area to be 14 SF, so let’s divide it by the area of a single brick, so the result would be 50 bricks. 

If we come up with the cost then thankfully, the firebricks sound the best option because every brick will cost in between 2$ to 5$ only. 

The red bricks are amazing and thus it is commonly said that the pizza oven made of red bricks is the best among the best. Because they are inexpensive, easy to use as a firepit, endurance ability, and good conductivity.

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