How Much Does A Gas Oven Cost To Run

When buying an oven, most people think  about which one is more affordable and also which one will run on low cost. Is it a gas oven or Electric oven? Today we will discuss the issue of gas oven running cost per month or per year.

A gas oven is cheaper than the electric oven or convection oven. These factors also depend on the availability  of gas in your area.

How Much Does A Gas Oven Cost To Run

Typical Gas Oven Running Cost:

A typical gas oven runs 0.6 cent per therm. Your gas oven running for one hour with 350 degree celsius will cost you 0.112 therm energy. Now then the total cost for running your gas oven for one hour will be $0.7. 

The monthly or weekly estimates depend on the using hours. Say your oven runs for 7 hours per day and each day in full month. Then the total estimated value for one month will  be 0.7×7×30= $147.

It may vary due to your use. Cooking for 10 mins with low flame will cost you less than cooking for 2 hours with a medium flame. Type of your gas oven also decides the cost efficiency.  

Average Natural Gas Prices In United States

Between 1999 to 2008 the national average residential  natural  gas price more than doubled, from $6.69 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf) to $13.68 Mcf. The national gas prices are only a part of the story, as the prices of individual states may vary greatly.

The differences are often related to the markets proximity of the producing areas, number of pipelines existing in the states, average consumption of residential receiving areas and the transportation charges aligned with them.

For example, based on the 2008 data. The residential consumers along with the coast of Atlanta tend to pay the most. With pricing ranges $15 to $20 Mcf.

So,  the availability is the reason for gas prices to go up or go down. If your area has an abundant supply of gas then the price may vary on $10 to $15 Mcf.

Tips For Using Smart Ways Gas Oven:

You can trim the gas bill further by following these tips. Keep the flame as low as possible tos use less gas. If the flame turns yellow instead of blue, then your gas stove isn’t running  efficiently. Make sure to have a service repair of your oven. Also put the right sized pot on the burner, Putting a small pot on a big burner will cost you 40% of the gas.

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