How To Calibrate A Frigidaire Oven

Are you having a problem adjusting to the temperature of your Frigidaire oven? The solution to this problem is the calibration of oven temperature, but another headache is you don’t know how to calibrate a Frigidaire Oven.

We will direct you to the steps regarding the calibration. The steps are easy to understand and process. Press the bake button, adjust the temperature of the Frigidaire oven, and press and hold the bake button for five seconds. 

Once done, it will show the difference between the actual temperature and the current temperature. If it has the original one, it will show “00”. 

Now you can make the desired adjustment; once done with it, press the Cancel button to go back to the time display. To know more about the steps in detail, stay with us.

How To Calibrate A Frigidaire Oven

Let Us Know In Detail- How To Calibrate A Frigidaire Oven 

Now let us tell you all about how to calibrate a frigidaire oven. 

Checking Temperature

Before starting the whole calibration process, it is essential to check the oven’s temperature to ensure that your oven has temperature issues and is in dire need of calibration. There are two ways to test it.

Oven-Safe Thermometer

Place the safe thermometer in the oven and set it to the given temperature, like 350 degrees F. After that, wait for a while so that the oven gets to the temperature. 

Then, remove the thermometer by using an oven mitt. Once all this is done, the temperature should match.


For the first phase, you need to set the oven’s temperature to 365 degrees F and then put one spoon full of sugar in a piece of aluminum foil inside the oven. And leave it for 15minutes inside; after that, take it out.

In the second phase, increase the oven’s temperature to 374 degrees F. Then, place sugar in a piece of aluminum foil, leave it for 15 minutes inside, and take it out like before.

Now is the turn to check the result; if the first sugar packet stays white and the second melts down and turns brown, your oven has no temperature issue and is fully calibrated. 

But if both remain white, your oven has heating issues and needs to be calibrated.

Guideline On How To Calibrate A Frigidaire Oven

Pressing Bake Button

To start the process, you first need to press the brake button.

Setting Temperature

Push the upper arrow to set the oven’s temperature to 550 Degree F/288 Degree C.

Differences Of The Degrees

For 5 seconds, press and hold the bake button until and unless you can see two particular digits flashing in the display. After that, release the bake button.

After successfully executing this step, the display will show you the different degrees between the actual factory temperature and the current temperature settings. If your display shows the number “00,” the oven control has the original calibration.

Adjusting Temperature

Now, you can adjust the oven temperature up or down 35 degrees F/17 degrees C to 5 degrees F/1 degree C by pressing the up or down arrow on the panel. 

Keep on adjusting until your desired degree does not display. 

After that, a minus sign will appear in front of the number, indicating that the oven will be cooler by the degrees shown.

Returning back

Once you are done with your adjustment, press the cancel button so that it can go back to its time of day display.

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