How To Calibrate Samsung Oven

Samsung ovens are one of the finest ovens in the market. There are three types of Samsung oven. Convection , Grill and Solo. With capacity starting from 18L to above 30L ovens are available in Samsung stores.

With a variety of different systems like triple distribution systems, heat wave grill, power duo etc. You can choose the desired product of your choice and criteria.

A Microwave oven generally works with electromagnetic waves.  Electromagnetic waves heat the food inside the oven to cook it.

Most of the oven, due to its use, needs to be readjust or need to be calibrated.  There is a way of checking to find out if your oven is working ok or not. First check if the power connection is connected or not. 

Then take a glass of water, put the water in the turntable of your oven. Operate the oven in microwave mode, set the timer for 4 to 5 minutes by pressing the +30s button or up and down button for appropriate times. The oven heats the water for 4 to 5 minutes, the water should be boiling.

How To Calibrate Samsung Oven

To Calibrate Samsung Oven

You’re gonna need an oven thermocouple , to check the inside temperature of the oven. Without checking the inside temperature you can’t tell what adjustment is required for your oven.

Now, if you have a thermocouple in your possession. Then put the thermocouple on the inside middle part of the oven and measure the temperature. Then after checking it in the middle part, you have to  check the temperature of the back part of the oven.

Lets say, you find the 325 degree celsius for the center part and 350 for back on the oven, while your oven is set in convection. Then you’re gonna need to calibrate 25 degree celsius temperature for the oven in convection mode.

Now, go to the control panel. Press “broil” and “0” at the same time. Press those buttons at the same time until you see on the screen “ADJ -0” appears on. This means the adjustment mode or calibrate mode is now on. 

With the help of thermocouple, you know you need to calibrate 25 degree celsius. So, now press 2 5, and see on the screen  that appears “ADJ -25”. After that press the start button to apply the calibration.

If you find 380 degree celsius temperature on the center part of the oven and 350 degree temperature on the back of the oven. Then it needs to be adjusted for 30 degrees. The same way you can do it. By pressing both the broil and 0 button at the same time until it appears on the screen that “ADJ -0”. Then press 3 0 and press start. Now it’s been adjusted to 30 degree celsius.

Why Is It Important?

Most of the time due to some technical issues, your oven needs to be calibrated. Otherwise the oven’s temperature varying in different parts will cause some defect with your cooking. 

Sometime’s power failure or newly connected oven will need to be calibrated. You should read the manual completely to find out the issues regarding troubleshooting of your oven. 

On the other hand an old oven which is having technical problems with cooking, will need to be calibrated first. To understand it you should check all the inside temperature of the oven properly. Then you will certainly know if your oven needs to be adjusted or calibrated.

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