How To Change The Light Bulb In The Frigidaire Oven

Many of us are scared to change any electrical components from their sources because of the electric shock that we may get doing it. Light bulb changing is one of the issues from them. When it comes to changing a light bulb from a frigidaire oven you should follow certains steps and procedures to prevent any kind of accidents. 

Otherwise you will get hurt. Either you can break the light bulb during changing or you can get electric shock from it while changing it. 

We will go through the necessary steps that are needed to be taken to  change the light bulb from your frigidaire oven. But First let us talk about some of the features that are held by a frigidaire oven.

How To Change The Light Bulb In The Frigidaire Oven

Features Frigidaire Oven

Frigidaire has a vast amount of electric oven or cookpot. Most of them have a built in look with traditional free standing range. They have a powerful radiant cookpot that has five elements designed to handle all your cooking needs.

Its quick boil method gets meals faster on your table with their 3000W elements and water boils faster than the traditional setting.

With their extra large 12” element, you have more flexibility to fit more pots and pans. It keeps food warm until everything and everyone is ready. 

Your frigidaire oven cleans itself. Self clean options available in 2,3 and 4 hours cycle. When it comes to stores having more storage  drawers you will have extra space to store your cookware.

Most of the frigidaire oven has a 40 watt bulb on it. Changing it or replacing it may be a hard job if you do not take certain steps or actions. Now, Let us take you through every step that you need to change the light bulb from the frigidaire oven.

Step 1:

First unplug the power source or shut off the power supply. You should remove the power source from the connection. Otherwise you will definitely get some shock when removing the light bulb. 

If you change the bulb while it is connected to the power, there is a 98% chance of getting a mild or hard shock. So, it is very necessary to shut down the power source before you change the light bulb from the frigidaire oven.

Step 2:

Open your frigidaire oven. Remove some of the necessary racks from your oven. Put those racks somewhere safe. Look inside, now you can see your light bulb on the back of the oven. 

Put your hand gloves on if you have any. If you change the bulb with your bare hand, there is a chance you may cut your hands while changing it.

Step 3:

On top of your light bulb you may see a light lens and a retainer, which holds the light tightly. Unclip the light lens retainer. Remove the lens. You can now unthread your old light bulb. 

While unthreading you should circulate the bulb anti clockwise. After circulating a couple of times your bulb will be unthread from its place. 

Please be careful when unthreading your old light bulbs, you should do unthreading very gently otherwise it can break or damage during unthread. Which may cause cuts through your hands if you don’t have your hand gloves on.

Step 4:

Now your old bulb is removed, you should take a new light bulb. Thread the new bulb on the bulb holder, circulate it clockwise. 

Slowly you will see your new bulb holding its place. Be really careful when threading, you don’t have to be hard on treading. 

Otherwise tightening it too much will eventually break the light bulb on your hand. So, you should be very careful while you thread your new light bulb.

Step 5:

When you are done with threading a new bulb in its place. You have to Put the lens back in its place and put the clip of the retainer around the lens. 

See for the opened racks that you put on the safe places. You can now put the racks back on the oven. Plug in your oven  with  the power. You will see your new light bulb is now on.

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