How to Clean Anolon Pans

With time the number of users of anodized pans is increasing. And this is because anodized pans are durable while cooking; it ensures that heat is being distributed evenly. Therefore Keeping them clean is a must

So, how to clean anolon pans? 

One of the most effective methods to clean your anolon pan is to scrub using scrubbing powder or a potent dishwashing liquid. However, there are more effective ways you can clean these anolon pans. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll let you know all the effective ways to clean these amazing pans and keep them more durable. 

How to Clean Anolon Pans

How To Clean Anolon Pans?

Keeping your anodized pans clean is quite important. It is a way to ensure that you and your family members are leading a healthy life. Also, keeping them clean will help the pans to maintain their fantastic cooking properties. 

Anodized pans are pretty different from the normal ones. If you haven’t used anodized pans before, you might not know how to clean them. Here are some ways to clean your anodized pans. 

Cleaning methods depend on the situation. For example, to clean burnt residues or stains, you have to follow these steps:

Scour The Outside Of Your Anodized Pan

While cooking, food can sometimes get burnt. And it is pretty tough to remove burnt residues or stains from the pans. And if you don’t remove the burns or strains properly, they will leave permanent marks on your pans. 

So the first step to eliminating burns or strains outside your anodized pan is to use a scouring agent. You can make your scouring agent by using two things. And the two things are mild scouring powder or baking soda and water. So you need to take a bowl and then mix baking soda or mild scouring powder with a small amount of water to make a paste. 

Then, using a dishcloth or soft-bristled cleaning brush, rub the paste you made earlier on the stains. After a few minutes, wash the paste using warm water. Don’t use boiling hot water or cold water. 

Soak Your Pans And Pots

If stains are present inside the anodized pans, you have to soak them. Prepare hot water and add soap, then soak your pans in it. Soak them for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, take a dishcloth, soft-bristled cleaning brush, or gentle scrubbing pad to scrub the stains off. 

When you soak the pans in hot water, the stains will loosen up. As a result, it will become much easier. If you use a hard cleaning brush, it will leave scratches on your anodized pans. After scrubbing, rinse the pans well. 

A common mistake is that people put their anodized pans in the dishwasher. It would help if you never put any anodized cookware in the dishwasher for cleaning. There are many disadvantages of using a dishwasher for anodized cookware. For instance, it will discolor your pans. In many cases, scratches might appear. 

Simmer Dish Soap

Some stains are very tough to remove. No matter how hard you try, these stains don’t seem to come off. However, by using the right method, any stain can be removed. So to remove the most stubborn stains or residue, you have to simmer your regular dish soap in the pan. 

At first, you have to fill your pan with water, then add the liquid dish soap to it. For about 20-30 minutes, simmer this. Then for another 30 minutes, let it cool. Use a soft-bristled cleaning brush to remove the stain. Lastly, rinse your pans properly.

Use A Gentle Scouring Powder

Even after the stains are removed, using a gentle scouring powder is important. Use a gentle scouring powder such as Barkeeper’s Friend along with hot water. Give your pans a gentle scrub and rinse with cold water using these two things.

Precautions While Cleaning The Anolon Pans

Now it’s time to know about things you will have to use regularly for cleaning your pans and things you must avoid while cleaning your pans.

Clean The Anodized Pans With Detergent Only 

In general cases, before and after using your pans, you have to wash them. And to wash them, you will need a powerful dishwashing detergent. Using a powerful dishwashing detergent will ensure that no spots remain on the pan and all the dirt gets cleaned properly. 

Many people tend to use baking soda to clean the inside of the pan. You should never use baking soda or any alkaline-based cleaning products to clean the inside of the anodized pans.

Try to Avoid Warping While Washing Your Pans

Cleaning anodized pans take time and patience. And one of the common mistakes is that people immerse their pans right after using the cold water to save time. You must avoid immersing hot cookware in the cold water. 

Before washing, you should let the pans cool. Leave it for a few minutes. Immersing hot pans in cold water can cause them to warp. You can use hot water for hot pans or fold water for cold pans.  

Use Gentle And Soft Scrubbers 

The type of scrubbers you use will make a difference in the condition of your pans. For example, if you use hard scrubbers like steel wools, you will see many scratches on your pan. You can use clothes, non-abrasive sponges, soft-bristled cleaning brushes, and many other things for scrubbing.

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