How To Clean Copper Chef Grill Pan: Proper Guideline

Copper chef grill pans are great for the grill or cooking food. Despite its high cooking potential, most people do not want to buy grill pans. Why? Because they think cleaning the grill pans is a mess. Are you one of them? Well, we are here to share the most effortless cleaning process for the copper grill pan.

How to clean copper chef grill pan? The best way to clean a copper chef grill pan is simply using hot water. First, thoroughly run hot water in the grill pan. Then, use a soft scraper to get rid of the residue. You can use some mild soap if you want. Repeat the process until the grill pan is completely clean.

How To Clean Copper Chef Grill Pan

How To Clean Copper Chef Grill Pan?

We have already mentioned the easiest way to clean the copper chef grill pan. However, there are some other ways to clean the copper grill pan.

Cleaning With Salt And Water

Usually, professionals prefer to clean grill pans with salt and water. Salt can remove the sticky food particle very efficiently.

After applying a moderate amount of salt, add some lukewarm water. Scrub very gently with any mild sponge or scrubber to get rid of any debris. Then, clean with hot water. Repeat the process until the grill pan is clean. Dry thoroughly and store for next use.

Cleaning With Salt

Some professionals say that frequently cleaning the grill pan with water can cause corrosion or rust. So, they use only salt to clean the pan. They suggest avoiding any kind of liquid for cleaning.

We need to put a generous amount of salt into the grill pan for this method. Scrub gently using a hand or a paper towel until the debris comes out. If we need, we can add more salt to the process. 

After the grill pan is completely clean, we can wipe everything with a clean paper towel.

Cleaning With Salt And Oil

We all know that oil is an excellent cleaner. Run some oil all over the pan after cooling down the pan. Add a moderate amount of salt on top of the oil. 

Then, scrub carefully with a mild scrubber, or you can use your hand. Wash with lukewarm water and dry the grill pan completely.

Cleaning With Mild Soap And Water

If you are hesitating to use an enormous amount of salt just to clean a grill pan, then this method is for you. Using mild soap and water to clean the copper grill pan is the most convenient way.

The technique is to use the least amount of soap. Add the soap and hot water to the grill pan. Wait for some time, and then use a sponge or brush to scrub gently. After that, wash with hot water and dry properly.

Cleaning With Baking Soda And Water

This method is not always recommended. But, if nothing works to remove the food particles from the pan, we suggest using baking soda and water once in a while.

We recommend using a thin baking soda and water paste for this method. Add some baking soda to the targeted area and pour some lukewarm water over it. Then, scrub with a soft sponge very lightly. Any debris or grease will come off easily.

Drying And Storing Of The Copper Grill Pan

As soon as the grill pan is clean, we need to dry and store it ideally. Proper drying and storing will ensure that it is perfect for the next use.


As the grill pan is made of copper, it can catch rust quickly. So, before putting the copper grill pan into the storage, we have to make sure that it is completely dry.

There are two ways with which we can dry the pan. One option is to air-dry the pan. We can leave it in any dry place to air-dry.

Another way is to use a paper towel. Take a paper towel and run it through the grill pan to absorb all the moisture. Repeat the process until the grill pan is dry perfectly.

We recommend using a paper towel or kitchen towel to dry the grill pan because this process is quick and easy.


Storing the copper grill pan is vital because the pan can be ruined if not properly stored. If you follow some basic steps, your grill pan will last longer than you think.

After drying properly, add a little oil to the pan. Take a paper towel or soft tissue paper, add oil, and wipe through the whole pan. We have to make sure that it is not sticky, just a hint of oil. This process will help to season the grill pan.

Generally, we do not recommend stacking the grill pan with other cookware in the storage. Stacking will cause scratches or can be corrosive. 

But, if there is no other option other than stacking, use one or two kitchen towels between two cookware. Make sure to change the kitchen towels from time to time.

Some Pro Tips

Now, we would like to share some pro tips with you.

  • Preheating the pan: Preheating the pan will allow you to cook fast and avoid burning. We can preheat in the oven or on the stove.
  • Using moderate heat while cooking: If you cook regularly, you already know the advantages of using moderate heat while cooking. But if you are new, let us tell you that cooking with high heat can burn food quickly. We recommend medium heat or medium to high heat for cooking.
  • Using mild scrubber: Mild scrubber such as a nylon sponge or brush will help to last long the grill pan. Using any strong or harsh scrubber can damage the surface of the grill pan.
  • Clean Regularly: We always suggest cleaning the copper grill pan regularly to avoid any mess. The best way is to clean with simple hot water and a soft sponge after each use.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have covered everything you need to know about how to clean a copper chef grill pan. Copper grill pans are durable enough and can be an asset to the kitchenware. These pans can perform for years if you can maintain them properly.

Copper grill pans are great for grilling meat, sausages, patties, etc. Clean your copper grill pan in the easiest way without any hassle. Enjoy cooking!

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