How To Clean Ge Electric Oven

If your GE electric oven is starting to look a little dirty, don’t worry – it’s easy to clean! First, remove the oven racks and wash them in the sink with hot, soapy water. Then, use a sponge or cloth to wipe down the inside of the oven, being careful not to touch the heating element. Finally, use a glass cleaner and paper towel to clean the oven door.


6 Steps to Clean Ge Electric Oven

The easiest way to clean a GE electric oven is to first remove the racks and clean them with warm, soapy water. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the oven, including the door. Finally, use a mild cleanser and a sponge to scrub any stubborn stains.

One of the most important skills that you can learn is how to clean your oven. A clean oven is a happy oven, and a happy oven means happy cooking. There are a few different ways to clean your oven, but the most important thing is to make sure that you do it regularly. If you don’t clean your oven often, the build-up of grease and grime can start to affect the way that it cooks food. Not only will your food not taste as good, but it can also start to stick to the oven walls and floor. This can make it difficult to clean, and it can also be a fire hazard. The best way to clean your oven is to use a special oven cleaner.

Step 1: The First Thing You Need To Do Is Unplug The Oven From The Power Source

The first thing you need to do is unplug the oven from the power source. This will ensure that you do not get electrocuted while cleaning the oven.

Step 2: Next, You Will Need To Remove The Racks From The Oven

In order to clean your GE electric oven, you will need to remove the racks from the oven. This will allow you to access the inner walls and ceiling of the oven more easily. Be sure to use caution when removing the racks, as they may be hot.

Step 3: After That, You Will Need To Use A Putty Knife To Remove Any Loose Debris From The Oven

After that, you will need to use a putty knife to remove any loose debris from the oven’s surface. You can then use a damp cloth to wipe down the oven’s interior.

Step 4: Next, You Will Need To Mix Together A Solution Of Water And Vinegar

First, you will need to unplug your GE electric oven. Next, you will need to mix together a solution of water and vinegar. After that, you will need to pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it all over the inside of your oven. Finally, you will need to wipe down the inside of your oven with a damp cloth.

Step 5: After That, You Will Need To Use A Sponge To Wipe Down The Interior Of The Oven

After that, you will need to use a sponge to wipe down the interior of the oven. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies. If there is any tough build-up, you can use a toothbrush to scrub it away.

Step 6: Finally,

Finally, remove any remaining residue with a damp cloth. Wipe the surface dry with a clean towel.


Cleaning an electric oven is not as difficult as it may seem. First, remove the racks and soak them in hot, soapy water. Next, spray the inside of the oven with a cleaning agent. Let the oven sit for a few minutes, then wipe it clean. Finally, rinse the racks and put them back in the oven.

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