How To Clean Le Creuset Grill Pan 

If you want to make delicious Grilled Salmon With Red Pepper Salsa or Grilled Chicken with Mustard- Tarragon Sauce, the primary thing you need is a Le Creuset Grill Pan! 

I make homemade delicious food with the help of the pan. But I was so bothered about cleaning the pan. 

When I researched about it I found some easy steps to clean it. 

Maybe this is the most frequently asked question. If you are searching for how to clean Le Creuset Grill Pan then you are at the right place. 

Here I am going to discuss some easy steps for cleaning the grill pan. So let’s find out! 

How To Clean Le Creuset Grill Pan 

Step By Step Cleaning Of Crust Iron Le Creuset Grill Pan 

If you have Le Creuset Grill Pan in your utensils, I must say you have an enriched kitchen. It is designed to be durable and multi-purpose! 

However, the longevity of any product depends on how you use and clean them, Le Creuset is no different.

So it is important to learn the right way to clean and care for your cookware.

Step 1 (Remove Excess Grease) 

Start the cleaning process right after you are done cooking. The first step is to pour off the extra grease when the pan is still hot. 

When the pan cooled completely, put it on low heat for a few minutes to heat the grease. Throw away the warm grease into the thrush can. 

You can clean the grease with a paper towel if you want but make sure not to hurt yourself. 

Removing the excess grease first makes the cleaning process much easier. 

Step 2 (Salt And Hot Water On The Grill Pan) 

Use hot water and salt to get rid of the gunk. To make the solution mix one handful of salt and hot water in a bowl. 

Now pour this solution into the pan evenly. Or if you want you can sprinkle salt before pouring hot water on the pan. You can use kosher salt for this. 

Don’t scrub the salt flakes against the pan using an abrasive scrubber that is not recommended for Le Creuset Grill Pan. 

Before moving to the next step make sure the salt has been dissolved. 

Step 3 ( Scrub The Grill Pan gently)

You can use a nylon scrubber or brush to scrub the pan gently. Make sure to rub the salt mixture all over the grill pan. It will loosen the gunk from the pan.

Add more salt if the grease, gunk, or food debris does not come off in the first go. 

You can repeat this step as long as you are not satisfied with the outcome. Rinse the pan with water and start over again. 

Make sure you are using a soft nylon brush when you are doing this step. A hard bristle brush can harm your Le Creuset Grill Pan. 

Step 4 (Rinse The Pan With Hot Water And Dry It)

When the pan is thoroughly clean, use hot water to wash off the salt. Use a scrubbing brush to ensure that all the salt is gone. 

Pat your grill pan with a paper towel to dry it. Place it on low heat on the stove for air drying. I

This step is very crucial, it ensures the longevity of the pan. To avoid rusting, completely air-dry the pan. 

Step 5 (Season Your Le Creuset Grill Pan)

Seasoning is very important. It is a layer of oil that builds up on the surface of the grill pan and acts as a nonstick coating.

When you clean the grill pan thoroughly it removes the seasoning. However, if your pan is clean and dry, you need to reestablish the seasoning. 

Rub some cooking oil into the pan for seasoning. Use a cooking brush/ paper towel or bare hand for doing that. 

Pour off the excess oil, the surface should be oily but oil should not be dripping. 

Step By Step Cleaning Of Non-Stick Le Creuset Grill Pan

Thinking of cleaning your non-stick grill pan? With these simple steps you can do it effortlessly. So lets start-

Step 1 (Remove Excess Grease)

Just like the cast iron grill pan if you remove the excess grease, non-stick grill pans are easier to clean. So start with removing the excess grease first. 

Throw away the extra grease when it’s still warm.  

Step 2 (Use Dishwashing Soup) 

When the pan is cooled completely wash off the pan with hot water before dishwashing soap. 

Use a nylon scrubber to rub the pan gently with the soup. Repeat the step over again if the pan is extremely dirty. Don’t use an abrasive scrubber, it may harm your grill pan. 

Step 3 (Soak The Le Creuset Grill Pan)

Soak the grill pan with hot water and dishwashing soap. This will loosen the grease, gunk, or food debris stuck in the pan. 

Soak the pan into this solution for at least 30 minutes for the best results, though it is recommended to soak overnight!

Wash the pan using a nylon brush when you feel it’s soaked for an adequate amount of time and the gunk has loosened completely.

Step 4 (Boil Vinneger In The Pan)

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can use boil vinegar in the for max cleaning. Pour half cup of vinegar into hot water spread the mixture in the pan and wait for a few minutes. It will help reduce the leftover gunk. 

Step 5 (Rinse And Dry)

Rinse the grill pan with warm water and dry it with a paper towel. Make sure the Le Creuset Grill Pan is completely dry to avoid rusting. You don’t need to season a non-stick grill pan. 

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