How To Dispose Of Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner is a substance (usually liquid ,powder, gel) that helps to clean dirt, dust,  stain and bed smells from the surfaces. The purpose of cleaning is related to health, beauty, removing contaminated objects and to remove odors from the oven. Some cleaners can kill bacteria and fulfill the purpose of cleaning at the same time.

Today we will discuss the factors behind disposal of oven cleaner. To state that you need to understand the chemical composition of the cleaner and how it works first. To prevent any unwanted scenario we will dive deep into the topic.

Under the Environmental protection act 1990, businesses must contain and dispose of any and all waste that it produces. This includes unwanted and unused cleaning products and chemicals. Failure to follow best practice in chemical waste could result in prosecution.

How To Dispose Of Oven Cleaner

Chemical Composition Of Oven Cleaner:

There are three types of cleaning agents. Acidic, Alkaline and Neutral types of cleaning agents. Traditional  oven cleaner consists of sodium hydroxide, solvents and other ingredients. You will find the composition of your cleaner written on the package of the cleaner.

The best way to use a traditional cleaner is to use it warm (not too hot). If it is used in a self clean oven, the iye may damage the parts of the oven.

The new style oven cleaner is based on ingredients other than iye. These products must be used in a cold oven. Most new style cleaners can be used in a self clean oven.

Oven cleaners are some of the most toxic household cleaning elements.  Correct use of oven cleaner is reasonably safe but incorrect use may cause you dangers like breathing flumes, contact with your eyes and mucous membranes and swallowing can cause you severe problems.

Disposal Of Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner can be found in cans or plastic bottles. Aerosol bottles can be disposed of in recycle bins. Other than aerosols, corrosive, flammable, irritant and toxic types of oven cleaner also can be found.

You should not pour any of these types of cleaner in your sink or drain. These types of cleaner must be disposed of with professional help. Those are considered hazardous cleaners. 

On the package body you will certainly find that your oven cleaner is hazardous. There will be some indication that this cleaner is Corrosive or flammable or irritant or toxic. Any of these categorical cleaners can’t be an easy disposal cleaner.

These are considered hazardous cleaning agents or cleaners. With some professional help these must be disposed of in the local waste disposal center. 

In addition to Ammonia, a majority of oven cleaners contain Lye ( Sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide ), which is an extremely corrosive ingredient. Oven cleaners should dispose of hazardous waste disposal.

You should always try to  avoid needing hazardous waste disposal by only buying the products you need for a certain time. It will reduce the amount of hazardous waste items at your home or for your business.

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