How To Remove Aluminum Foil From Oven Bottom Smoothly

Uses of the electric oven have been increased a lot in the past two decades. Lots of mesmerizing foods can be cooked and grilled in an oven there are some points of concern as well.

The bottom of the ovens is covered with synthetic materials such as Enamel. You may have lined an Aluminum foil or a tin foil to cover that coating from the drippings of the overflowed food.

But most of the time the overheated and dripped foods glue the Aluminum foil on the surface.

Now you may wonder how to remove the Aluminum foil from the oven bottom. There are some easy processes to remove the stuck Aluminum foil from the bottom using household items. But you have to act fast and soon to get rid of it effectively.

How To Remove Aluminum Foil From Oven Bottom

Can I Still Use My Oven With Melted Aluminum Foil?

You can use the oven with melted Aluminum foil. There will not be any sort of technical difficulties or damage to your food while cooking in the oven. Besides, you do not have to worry about increased heat and temperature fluctuation caused by the Aluminum foil as well.

The only thing you have to worry about is the appearance and cleanliness of the oven. Being a professional baker or a chef you may want your kitchen and the appliances to be clean and tidy. It relieves any sort of stress or worries while cooking or baking.

How To Remove Aluminum Foil From Oven Bottom Step By Step?

Before learning about the removal process of the glued Aluminum foil we should understand the cause for it. This will help us to refrain from the happening in the future from the same problem.

Aluminum foil has a low melting point compared to other metals. Considering you leave it lined on the bottom of the oven after using the oven untreated. It slowly starts to get stuck on the bottom due to the bubbly and oozy drippings of the food. These along with the overheating acts as the contributing factor.

Now that we have learned the cause, let us move to the removal processes of the stuck Aluminum foil.

Dish Soap And Scraping Process

For this process, you won’t be needing any fancy items. Rather common household things can be easily used.

Step One: Soaking The Bottom Of The Oven

Turn off the oven and make sure the oven is cool. Then remove all the racks from the oven and perform a rough cleaning of the bottom of the oven. It can be done using a microfiber cleaning towel or sponge.

In a container pour a sufficient amount of warm water. Make sure the water has a temperature of about 60-70 degrees of celsius. After that, pour a few drops of common liquid dish soap into the water and mix very well.

Nextly, pour the solution all over the oven bottom and leave it overnight. It should be left for around 6-12 hours or more depending upon the condition of the Aluminum foil.

Step Two: Scraping Off The Aluminum Foil

Take a sharp plastic razor and start scraping the stuck Aluminum foil. The dish soap solution should have loosened up the Aluminum foil. 

Be careful while scrapping as using more pressure may damage the coating of the bottom of the Oven. Do not use a metal razor for this process as it may scrape the coating as well.

Step Three: Final Cleaning

After completion of the removal of the Aluminum foil, use a towel to soak up the soapy water from the oven. After that using a clean wet microfiber towel, rub the surface of the oven to remove all types of residues.

The Steaming Method

This process requires common baking soda and white vinegar which contains less than 7% Acetic acid. A soft cotton towel and clean water are required as well.

Step One: Pour white vinegar

Firstly take a clean container and pour some baking soda into it. Now slowly pour white vinegar into the baking soda spoon by spoon. A neutralization reaction will take place. Keep on pouring white vinegar with continuous mixing by a spoon.

You can stop pouring the vinegar when all the baking soda turns from power to a paste-like structure. Spread the paste all over the bottom of the oven and let it sit for a while

Step Two: Set Up The Oven To 200 DF Temperature

Take a wet towel and spread the towel over the layer of the dried paste. Set the oven to 200 degrees of Fahrenheit for around 20-30 mins. The steam produced from the towel will loosen up the stuck Aluminum foil.

Naval Jelly Treatment

Naval Jelly is a mixture of both mineral and organic acids. Besides, there are other chemical components of Phosphorus that treat the stuck metals and undissolved those.

Step One: Scrap Off Aluminum

Firstly turn off the oven and remove all sorts of electrical connections. Let the oven cool down and retain room temperature. Remove the internal racks and keep those aside. After that, take a plastic-made razor and scrape off as much Aluminum from the bottom as possible.

Step two: Clean the residues

Clean the residues of the scraped Aluminum junks from the oven. Now, take a specific amount of Naval jelly and spread it over the stuck Aluminum foil only. While doing this it is better to open the windows for better air circulation.

Good ventilation is good for you from the Naval Jelly and for the process as well. It takes around 20-24 hours for the Naval jelly to settle down and act on the stuck Aluminum Foil. 

After it has been a while, wipe off the Naval jelly using a soft cotton towel. Nextly clean up the entire oven bottom using an “Easy Off solution” or Soapy solution.

Using Sodium Hydroxide Solution

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a very strong base and dissolves the metals. It can be used to remove the melted Aluminum from the bottom of the oven. 

At first, make a moderately concentrated solution of a NaOH solution using distilled water. Then clean up the oven surface using the prepared solution and a non-abrasive sponge or clothing.

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