How To Reset Frigidaire Oven Control Board

Most of the electric compliances can be found in error mode. Reasons for that are not a single one or you can say there are multiple reasons for your electric oven showing an error message. Frigidaire Oven also can show some error messages while using. 

Although you will find the company is giving you 1 year warranty for your Frigidaire Oven. It means you can change or replace parts from the company itself within the period of one year after purchase. 

What will you do afterwards? Is there really a reset button on your Frigidaire Oven? If not, then how you will reset your oven. Are there other issues related to the topic? Today we will discuss these matters.

First we will discuss why your frigidaire oven shows an error message and then  we will discuss the solutions you can take for that. Without a further due let’s start.

How To Reset Frigidaire Oven Control Board

Reasons Behind The Error Message On Your Frigidaire Oven

Your Frigidaire Oven is made of electric circuit and wires through its whole body. There are switches , wires , and a main circuit for your oven. 

In extreme cases your oven is not working because there may be damaged parts of your oven. Maybe some burn out wire or switches inside.The worst case will be the main circuit is broken or burnt.

If you are lucky enough, you will find that there are no damaged parts. Only a hard reset is enough for your oven to restart. If it restarts easily after a hard reset, it means no parts are burnt out or damaged.

How To Reset The Frigidaire Oven?

You want to cook with your Frigidaire Oven, so you turn it on. Unfortunately it shows an error message on the display. Don’t panic, turn off the oven. Shut down the main power source.

Unplug the oven from its power supply. Wait for a minute or two. Then plug in the oven with power. Start the oven. Hopefully, You will not see the error message anymore.

If it stills show the message that means there are some other problems that are still to be addressed for your frigidaire oven.

Due To Low Voltage On Power 

Your Frigidaire oven runs on 240 Voltage of alternating current.  That means each leg will carry 120 volts of power. Now you need to check if there are any problems with the power switch. If one leg of power is broken due to a burnt fuse or burnt wire.  Your oven won’t turn on.

Take a Voltage meter, put the two heads on the power switch. See what reading is showing on the meter during these times. If it shows each side of the switch 120 volts, and combinely 240 volts. That means power switches are not damaged.  

If it shows less than 120 Volts on each side or one side, it means you have to repair your power switch. If you have enough tool boxes in your home. Then you should check inside for any damaged wires. But before that please shut down the main switch of power on your home.

A Loose Or Burnt Wire Connection

When you check and run completely the outside power source and haven’t found any issue. Now, it’s time to check the inside of the oven. A loose or burnt wire connection is the reason for your oven not to work.

The bake or broil power supply wire can be burnt or damaged because of the heat source. Which eventually causes error conditions of your oven.

Then you have to change the burnt wires to run your oven again.

Burnt Thermal Fuse

On some models the thermal fuse will burnt out. You can find it inside of the oven with a thermal fuse. Which actually controls the power supply inside your oven. 

You should check the thermal fuse with a Multimeter. Check for its continuity. If the fuse starts negative on continuity with the meter. It means it needs to be changed. 

Thermostat/ Sensor

Your oven’s electronic control board works with a thermostat or sensor. It maintains the temperature during cooking. If the temperature reaches a certain amount, the sensor starts to break the voltage to reach the oven.

Doing these continuously can damage the sensors of your oven. So, you should check your sensor. Whether it is fine or not. Unlock the sensor from your oven.

You can check it through a multimeter. Your sensor is still resistant to room temperature. If the reading is close to 1100, it means your sensor is ok. If not, then you should change the thermostat or sensor.

Oven Control Board Malfunction

If the sensor is working ok, then your oven control board circuit can malfunction. While the board cannot be easily tested, you can inspect it for signs of burning or shortage of any components.

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