How To Set Clock On Kitchenaid Oven

Kitchenaid smart plus are the newest version of the oven. Which gives you the pleasure to cook your recipe more comfortably. When you need to create something beautiful  or to shape something delicious, kitchenaid is more than an oven. With power attachment, this oven will let you steam, grill and bake . 

Like the Kitchenaid stand mixer, its attachment connects to a power adapter with the oven. You directly operate the oven with the smart control touch screen through your tablets or your smartphones. The oven controls the attachment. So, Every recipe comes out as beautiful as you imagine.

How To Set Clock On Kitchenaid Oven

Various Types Kitchenaid Oven

The variety of kitchenaid ovens are vast. From freestanding ranges to slide in ranges. There are also wall ovens, combination wall ovens, countertop wall ovens and commercial types ovens.The main difference between freestanding and slide in  ranges is the location of the control and whether or not they feature backguard. 

Freestanding ranges have a backguard that doubles, while slide in ranges do not have any backguard and all controls are located on the front. You can find both types in gas, electric, induction and duel-fuel options with a wide selection of features and functions.

With the kitchenaid app you can connect your smartphones or tablets with the oven. Then you have the smart way of controlling the oven.

How To Set Clock On Kitchenaid Oven

The clock setting will show you the cook timer as well as time of the clock. When you are cooking with a desired timer, your clock will only show the timer of cooking. If you are not cooking , only then can you see the clock time as a clock view. Now, you can set up clock time.

To set up clock time, you just need to press Start Clock or Set clock. Based on your models the pressing options may differ on your control panel. To set time,  for example you want your clock to 11.20, then press 11.20 on your keypad after opening the Set clock options. Then press the set clock.

Doing that will definitely change your clock setting to the desired time. To disable the display clock you  have to  press and hold the clock timer for 5 seconds. To show the clock again repeat this process and your clock will be on the screen once again.

For setting the timer during cooking, press the set timer. Press once to set the timer in minutes and seconds, Press twice to set the timer in hours and minutes. Enter the timer you want,  say 10 minutes, then enter 10.00 on the keypad. Then press the set timer, now the timer for cooking will start for you.

When time is up you will hear four  tones unless the end of the cycle tone has disabled. Press timer cancel to clear the screen . Also four tones will sound every minute as an audible reminder unless they are disabled. You can cancel the timer during cooking by  simply pressing Timer Cancel.

To Reset The Clock After Power Failure 

The clock is a standard 12- hour device that you program by using the oven keypad control. The readout displays are digital as well as the clock and programming the clock is a simple task. You will need to  reset the clock after every power failure or when the daylight saving time begins and ends.

  • Turn off the oven or the oven timer off, if they are engaged.
  • Press the clock set key once lightly to engage with the clock setting feature. 
  • Select the desired number to input the clock values on the screen.
  • Depress the Clock set lightly once to set the time on the clock,

Those are the possible ways to set the clock on your kitchenaid oven. To set a timer for your cooking. Thank you.

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