How To Stucco A Pizza Oven

Stucco is the final process of building a pizza oven. So when you have prepared your pizza oven and want to start stucco work that means you want a robust pizza oven that will really last for a long time. 

In the stucco process there would be two types of coating: the base level of coating and then the final one. To finish it you will need one or two trowels and portland cement. 

The first coating thickness would be around one and half inch and when applying the second one the thickness would be 3/4″. Overall, the stucco process is not that easy if you are applying on the pizza oven for the very first time. 

Because you will need to know how to use the trowel, applying it back and forth or bottom to top. Sometimes, you will need to run it at 45 degrees so you can fully enclose the dome and achieve the perfect shape you wanted. 

How To Stucco A Pizza Oven

The stucco process of building a pizza oven

When it comes to preparing a pizza oven you will need to stucco it at the final step. If you are new to this don’t lose hope it is ten times easier to do it than it is to make dough. 

However, some people still struggle to do that especially when it comes to making a nice round dome. Again, it is tough to make the surface level. No worries, here we will let you know how to stucco a pizza oven. 

Step 1: Mixing Stucco

The very first step is to mix cement and to do so pour the bag into a wheelbarrow and then add water. Stir it well and see that the moist will remain on your trowel without sagging. 

Step 2: 45 degree coating

Now you come up with a tough job here as you will need to apply the scratch coat directly and to make it better use a square trowel. To make it a bit easier at first, start coating at the bottom of the wall. 

Here you will need to apply enough pressure or force the material into all of the gaps. We will recommend you to apply that coating based on 3/8-inch of thickness. Once the coating is done then wait for it to stiffen. 

Step 3: Finish the coat

Now you have already trowel the base layer and now go for the final one. This layer will help to find any gap or void and make the layer flat and smooth. When you are done with the coating then wait for stiffening the coating. 

Do not forget to color the coat but before that, make sure the finishing coat thickness would be 1/8-inch. To  do so, you can apply long strokes using knife swaths to get the desired texture. Moreover, to find the smooth finish then flatten the surface using a sponge trowel. 

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