How To Turn Off Oven Cooling Fan

Cooling fan is a necessary item for your oven. Oven is a machine where you cook your food. Normally cooking requires heat and definite temperature for a certain recipe. After you are done with your cooking it needs to decrease the temperature of the oven  with the cooling fan.

In your oven the cooling fan is placed on the rear back. There is an air flow system around it. It has a fan motor, which runs the cooling fan. Many models of ovens may have an automated process for cooling fans. Which means it will start automatically after cooking is finished.

It can take 15-20 mins to cool down the entire oven. Depending on the inside temperature it may vary the time to cool down.

If your oven was cooked in 450⁰C, then it will definitely take more than 30 mins to cool down. An open door or closed door will not matter for cooling it down properly. Because of the internal air flow system operating on  your oven. After cooling down the whole oven it will automatically shut off.

How To Turn Off Oven Cooling Fan

What You Need To Know About Cooling Fans?

Cooling fan is a spiral shaped machine with pins around it. It has a motor inside of it to run the fan. In your model of oven it will run automatically or manually. Which will not affect its own function.

If you heard some sound of rattling, grinding or squealing , then it is typical malfunctioning fan noise. Which means there is something stuck on the fan. Since the fan is often a victim of gravity and rising food particles. It’s time for cleaning and some lubricating.

Another question asked is can I use my oven without the fan? The answer is no, you can’t . Your oven creates a high internal temperature during cooking. Without a cooling fan it can’t cool down easily. Which may hamper some parts of your oven due to overheating.

You need to switch off the oven after 20 min of completing cooking. Turning off the oven immediately after cooking can cause damage to your machine. Also with the cooling fan the oven itself needs a minimum of 15 mins to cool down the oven entirely.

In general, your cooling fan will turn off automatically. On processing of doing  that it will reduce the temperature equivalence to room temperature.

It is normal to have a cooling cycle on even after your cooking has stopped. Your oven fan will take some time to cool down. Fans also may run during cooking and will run after you stopped cooking. Which is completely normal.

If Your Fan Is Not Turning Off?

If your fan is not turning off automatically or manually, then there is something wrong with the fan. You need to do some work. 

First, track down whether the thermostat is working or not. Cooling fan thermostat normally located at top of the oven underneath the top panel. It will connect with two wires. One of them will be directed connected to the cooling fan motor. Some old models come with a 500 degree thermostat.

Now to check the thermostat, take a testing Multimeter. Unplug the thermostat fuse from the oven.  Test it with the Mutlimeter. Testing results should be showing in negative. If it is not showing tests in positive terms then your thermostat sensor is not working great and needs to be replaced. 

When the tests are negative then the thermostat fuse is ok, but the problem may rely somewhere else. Now you have to check the control panel of your oven. 

Unplug the control panel by unthreading the covers from it. Check for any burning circuits in your control panel . If you have any burning circuit then it’s the control panel which needs to be replaced. 

Last reason is that your cooling fan motor itself is not working well. Fan may be damaged and need to be replaced.

How To Change The Cooling Fan Motor

When you find out that the cooling fan motor is damaged and needs to be replaced. You should buy a new one for your oven. Then with the following instruction you can change it by yourself.

First unplug it from power and gas sources. Take it out on a spaced floor where you can see the rear back very easily. Turn the rear back in front of you.

Now you are seeing the back of your oven. Next undo the cable grip which is located lower side of the back of the oven. This may vary in different types of models.

Now you have to unscrew and remove the back panel. Now you see the cooling fan. You will see the fan is attached with a couple electrical ports of the oven. Make sure to unplug those cables.

Next you have to unscrew the fan motor from the oven. Please be careful and hold the fan motor with your hand, otherwise it may fall on the oven while unscrewing and create damage to the oven.

With these screws unhinged the cooling fan will simply be removed by pulling it back. And you can replace it with the new one. Hold the new fan on to the oven and screw it tightly into the oven.

After plugging the fan motor, connect the electrical wire which was previously removed from the old fan motor. Connect those electrical wires with the new fan. Put the back panel on its positions. Screw it with the oven.

Plug in the cable grip on the lower back of the oven. And your oven is ready with the new fan installed.

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