How To Turn On Warming Drawer On GE Oven

How to turn on the warming drawer on the GE oven has been a common query among many oven users. Well, the entire process is pretty straightforward. 

So, to use the warming drawer, all you need to do is press the on/off button and turn the switch on. After that, slide the moisture selector button to either the close or open setting. Finally, you need to turn the knob, a.k.a. the control knob, to your desired setting, and the warming drawer will turn on. 

In this blog, you’ll learn more about the warming drawer turning methods and further understand this. 

How To Turn On Warming Drawer On GE Oven

How To Turn On Warming Drawer On GE Oven?

Different branded ovens come with a warming drawer nowadays as it’s necessary for emergencies. Moreover, you don’t need a stove to keep the food warm for a long time if you already have a drawer in your oven. 

Though the basic things and purposes are the same in all ovens, the features and operating systems may vary due to different companies. However, the turning on a system is also included in the operating system. Let’s see how to turn on a GE oven’s warming drawer.

Method 1

Suppose you’re not going to cook anything, but you want to heat your cooked item at a specific temperature. That’s when you will find a space where you can hold it while sliding the warming drawer. 

Next, you will find a board of buttons on the right side of the drawer. You will find a control knob to set or control the temperature; please remember that every food preparation or heating has a temperature range. 

Too much produced heat can burn the food or destroy its taste and quality. Next, you will find the ON/OFF switch to turn the machine on or off. The last thing you will find is a turn-on light signal. As long as the warming machine is on, you will see the light. 

Anyway, get the dry racks placed inside the warming drawer before turning it on. You must then press the ON/OFF switch in the ON position and see if the indicating light is on. Next, you can slide the control knob to select the moisture and temperature.

Method 2

For instance, you’re preparing food inside the warming drawer and want to turn it on. In that case, you can turn on the dual-mode to prepare two types of food at a time. 

The left side of the drawer has a moist closed option, and the right side has the crisp open option. Set two modes (open or closed), moisture, and the timing with temperature for both sides; the feature may vary in different models of GE oven. 

However, when you have set the control options, you must press the ON switch; please preheat the racks inside before putting the food. Anyway, turn it off and slowly put the food inside the drawer, and turn it on back.


You must take care of some facts to avoid accidents and food burns inside the drawer; the precautions you should take are:

  1. Keep children away from the oven as they may hurt or burn themselves. Moreover, they may press such settings that can cause a short circuit inside the house.
  1. Please don’t put the wet racks inside a heated oven drawer; wipe and dry them properly before putting the racks. Otherwise, the moisture and the heat can cause a burn of the metal; thus, the racks may get damaged.
  1. Make sure that your warming drawer oven is unplugged before you remove the detachable parts andcleaningn them; otherwise, you will have severe electric shocks.
  1. Please do not try to service the oven on your own because the structure is clumsy. You may cause a mishap or damage the other parts while replacing one. It would be better if you call the customer service of GE electronics.
  1. Use the warming drawer per the given instructions in the manual; please don’t try to experiment with other things inside.

If you take the necessary steps mentioned above before turning on a warming drawer on the GE oven, you can smoothly use it for a long time.

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