How To Unlock LG Microwave Ovens-5 Simple Steps!

Imagine approaching your LG microwave oven to heat up food and suddenly finding out that all of its functions are not working (it’s locked). As a result, you’re unable to operate it at the moment.

In that particular situation, you would feel very annoyed, wouldn’t you?

Well, there’s good news for you. Your microwave oven isn’t actually permanently locked or broken. Instead, it’s just under child lock protection. All you have to do is unlock it. But, do you know how to unlock LG microwave oven?

If you don’t, we’ve got your back. You can follow our discussion here to find out how you can easily unlock your LG microwave oven from child lock. 

So, let’s get started!

How To Unlock LG Microwave Ovens

Why Is My LG Microwave Oven Locked?

If you are seeing that your LG microwave oven is getting locked without any reason, it might be an indication that the oven is malfunctioning, or it’s broken. Although it’s a very rare phenomenon, sometimes microwaves can get short-circuited by moisture or water spillage. 

In that case, it is possible that the oven has accidentally locked itself on its own. As a result, you are finding it to be locked when you are approaching to use it. 

Or, if that’s not the case, you should check if anyone else in your home has used the child lock function to lock the microwave or not. 

However, you should also remember that sometimes kids can tap on the buttons of the microwave oven and accidentally turn ON the child lock mode.

Now, whichever the case it is, if you feel that the microwave is persistently getting locked, it means that it’s inoperable. Therefore, we suggest that you take help from the customer care service of LG in order to fix the microwave.

LG Microwave Oven Locked? [Understanding The Child Lock Function]

Before unlocking your LG microwave oven, you’ll have to clearly understand the locking function of that oven. This way, you can have a crystal clear idea of why an oven can get locked and how you can easily unlock it.

To explain in simple words, LG cares deeply for its customers. That’s why LG provides a child lock feature in its microwave ovens, so your child cannot operate it and cause any unexpected accident. 

Also, the child lock function comes in handy when you are cleaning the control panel of the microwave oven.

Now, when your oven is in child lock mode, all of its buttons will be inoperable except the unlocking button (the “Clear” or “Stop” button). 

That’s why, as long as the oven is in locked mode, you won’t be able to use it. Rather, you will have to unlock it and then use it just as you usually do.

How To Unlock LG Microwave Oven?

The unlocking function of the LG microwave oven is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow the below 5 steps:

1. Plug your oven into the power socket on the wall. As a result, the display panel should light up and display an “L” or “lock” icon (indicating to you that the oven is in its child lock mode).

2. Now, in this step, you’ll have to locate the lock/ unlocking button of your microwave oven. 

Depending on the model of your LG microwave oven, the unlock button might be the button labeled as “Stop” or “Clear”. 

3. After you have located the “Stop/Clear” button, you have to tap on that button and hold it for about 5 seconds.

4. After holding down the button for some seconds, you should hear a “beep” sound. Also, you should notice that the “L” logo from the display panel has disappeared. That means the oven is no longer in the locked mode.

5. Now, you can open the door of the microwave oven to see if it’s still locked or not. If the oven is working correctly, you should have no problem opening its door or operating the oven with other buttons.

However, if the oven is physically damaged or broken, it might show irregular behavior at the time of unlocking. In that particular case, you’ll have to call in the professionals to fix the oven as soon as possible.

How Can I Lock The LG Microwave Oven Again?

The locking procedure of the LG microwave oven is exactly the reverse of the unlocking procedures. For your convenience, we have listed down the steps for doing that below:

1. First, turn off the microwave oven door and plug the microwave oven into the power socket on the wall.

2. Now, you should see the display getting turned ON. Then, you should tap on the “Clear/Stop” button for at least 3 to 5 seconds in order to lock the microwave oven.

3. After that, you will hear a beep sound indicating that the microwave has gone into child lock mode. Also, you might notice that there’s an “L” icon on the display panel, which indicates that the microwave has gone into locked mode.

4. At this point, you should check if the microwave has indeed gone into locked mode. In order to do that, you can attempt opening the microwave oven door or tapping on other buttons of the microwave. 

If you see that the other buttons are not working, it means that the microwave has indeed gone into its child lock mode.

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