How To Use A Sharp Carousel Convection Microwave Oven With Safety

Convection Microwave ovens are becoming popular nowadays. For its dual functionality and comparatively very smaller size, small house users and Recreational vehicle owners are getting more convection microwave ovens.

One of such ovens is from the worldwide famous brand Sharp. The Carousel segment from SHARP has introduced many versatile models of the Convection Microwave ovens. A convection microwave oven requires expert handling and experience.

That is why you should first understand how to use a Sharp carousel convection microwave oven. Because the convection and microwave parts are very switching and understanding which mode to use is highly important. Otherwise, there is a chance of causing potential damage to the oven and the surroundings as well.

How To Use A Sharp Carousel Convection Microwave Oven

How To Use A Sharp Carousel Convection Microwave Oven safely?

Before getting to know how to use a convection microwave oven it is important to understand the working principle. A convection microwave oven uses the dual principle of a convection oven and a microwave oven.

It can heat food by transmitting the radio waves to excite the water molecules of the food items. On the other hand, the oven can also cook food by regulating the heated air inside the chamber. Thus the food can be cooked in the heated elements just like a normal oven.

Using The Microwave Section

The Sharp carousel has a dedicated microwave section specifically used for heating purposes. It is a simple procedure and requires minimal changes in the functions of the oven. The microwave part is widely used for reheating and defrosting.

Reheating Foods

Reheating is used for increasing the temperature of the food items using the radio wave. It excites the internal water molecules slowly to heat the food. Reheating is a sensitive process as overheating may cause accidents as well.

First, check the container in which the food is to be heated. It cannot be a metal or contain any sort of metallic or reflective trims as well. Estimate a rough weight of the food you are about to heat using the microwave.

After that, enter the container inside the oven and put it carefully on the turning table inside the oven. Close the door of the oven carefully. Now it’s time to set the time and power.

Now touch the kitchen timer pad located on the function module of the oven. Set the timer in seconds or minutes according to your food type and volume. For example, reheating a cup of tea would require only 30 seconds.

You change the timer using the Number pad. After timer selection, press the START button, and the countdown will start. After completion, the oven will produce three beep sounds as a notification. Always use kitchen gloves for taking out the container from the ovens.

Defrosting Foods

Food items such as poultry, fish, or different types of meats require defrosting before cooking. It can be easily done using a microwave oven. For this, you have to change the power of the oven.

To change the power you have to touch the power tab. There are Ten power options starting from one to ten. Here Power one is the highest and Power Ten tends to be the lowest option. Select the best possible power option depending upon your food weight and type.

For defrosting you can select the Auto Defrost button from the menu. It can be used for meats, poultry, and fish items. Select the approximate weight of the food using the number pad in-lbs. Finally, press the Start button to start the defrosting process.

Using The Convection Section

The convection is used for baking, cooking, grilling, and roasting food items. It is done when the inner air is heated including the elements inside the heating chamber. Heated air is regulated to ensure uniform spreading of heat to the food.

There are mainly four different automated options for using the convection mode. These are the Grill, convection, Preheat, and Mix. Besides, there is a complete Number pad for selecting the specific temperature on Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.

The Mix button includes both microwave and convection modes simultaneously. For example, you can use it to heat a frozen pizza straight out of the refrigerator. The microwave energy would defrost the pizza whereas the convection mode will heat the pizza for cooking further.

On the bottom of the oven’s control panel, there are Six instant options. These can be used directly depending on the food types. The buttons are fully programmed beforehand and choose the best possible settings for the food items.

How To Use Sharp Microwave Oven For Baking Cake

The Sharp convection microwave oven has the baking option. You can easily use this appliance for all sorts of baking options. It comes with a short stainless steel rack which is used for baking purposes.


It is the first and foremost criterion for baking using the convection microwave oven. This process preheats the chamber of the oven to a specified temperature. To do this at first you have to select the Preheat button just adjacent to the “Convec” button.

After that using the Number pad you have to input the temperature at which you want your oven to preheat. Be careful and double the unit of the temperature. Basically preheating is done on the Fahrenheit scale of the temperature. After inputting press the Start button to preheat the oven.

Baking Cake

When your oven is preheated to a certain temperature, open the oven and place the batter on the short rack. Select the “Convec” mode from the control panel and set the timing using the Number pad in minutes. Finally, press the Start button to start baking the cake.

How To Use The SHARP Microwave Oven With Grill

The Sharp convection Microwave ovens are compatible with Grilling foods. You have to use the provided long stainless steel rack for the grilling process. There is a preprogrammed “Grill” button located on your Sharp oven.

Select the Grill button after putting the target food on an aluminum tray inside the long rack. Then choose the timer in minutes using the number pad and press the Start button for rilling the food.

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