How To Use Kitchenaid Oven Meat Probe

Meat probe is an instrument for cooking meats in your kitchenaid oven. It’s a thin two rod headed instrument attached by a cable. Many of the kitchenaid ovens have a port outlet to use a meat probe. The position of the meat probe port may vary but its functions are all the same for different models of kitchenaid.

There is an instruction module with your kitchenaid oven, where you can find how to use the meat probe for your oven. Still we will discuss a general method of using the meat probe in your kitchen aid oven. 

How To Use Kitchenaid Oven Meat Probe

Benefits Of Using Meat Probe:

Using a meat probe while cooking has many benefits. Most important one is to cook the meat with the exact temperature you need for internal meats. Which eventually will kill the harmful baterias from the meat and also will give you a delicious taste of meat.

For poultry meat or animal meat the temperature varies for each of different meat. For poultry meat the internal temperature is 165⁰C. Which is the desired temperature for poultry meat to be probed. 

How To Do Use Meat Probe:

Before inserting the meat probe in the meat, make sure your meat is completely ready to cook. Like you have already put the needed ingredients with your meat. Now, take the meat probe and put it in the center of  the thickest part of the meat. Avoiding contact with the bone and fat area of the meat.

Now, preheat your oven. Means set your oven on a traditional cooking setting like traditional bake or convection roast or convection bake to the desired temperature and press start.

Once the oven is preheated, place the meat on the oven and connect the probe to the port outlet located in the oven cavity. Make sure to use an oven mitt or heat resistant gloves to plug in the port, as the oven walls are already preheated and the outlet will be hot.

You will now need to program your desired temperature. If your control panel displays a probe feature as an option, press the probe option then set the temperature to 165⁰C for poultry meat. And press start.

If  your control panel displays an options menu, select the options menu then select the probe feature. Enter desired temperature (165⁰C for poultry meat) . Then select cook mode, enter oven temperature and then press start.

Accessing the probe feature may depend on which model you own. Please refer to your owner manuals for more instructions.

You can also choose not to preheat the oven. Simply place the food in the oven and connect the probe with the oven. Then simply follow the previous instructions to set the desired temperature.

When the probe reaches the set internal temperature, the oven will shut off. Remember to use oven mitt or heat resistant gloves to  handle the probe.  Do not pull on the cable when  removing the probe from its outlet. Always using the handle when inserting or removing the probe on the port outlet. 

Clean the probe with a cloth damp with soap and water. Do not submerge the probe into water. Do not store the probe inside the oven or leave the probe inside during the self clean or steam cleaning cycle.


These are necessary information you need to know for your probe use in a kitchen aid oven. Meat probes are great features but they aren’t perfect. You may get some problems while using it. As all technical instruments you also remember to safe and cautious use of your meat probe during cooking. Always remember to use heat resistant gloves or probe mitt while handling the meat probe inside of the oven. That’s it. Have a nice day. 

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