How To Use Quick Bake On Frigidaire Oven

How to use quick bake on Frigidaire Oven? Are you confusing them with the other two settings? It can be frustrating, but we will save you. We have come up with a guideline specifically about quick bake setting. 

The steps are simple to understand. You need to set the interior rack. Press the quick bake button, select the temperature, and the oven will chime when it reaches its desired temperature. 

We have presented one of the ways to know more about the quick bake settings; stay with us. 

How To Use Quick Bake On Frigidaire Oven

Understanding Quick Bake

Before jumping into the other ways or steps of setting a quick bake setting, it will be great to understand the work of quick bake. Quick bake is one of the three systems of Convection Mode that you can see in the Frigidaire Oven. 

Regular bake circulates heat in the heating elements of the oven. The quick back uses a fan to distribute the oven’s heat properly and continuously surrounding the oven. 

Due to this circulation, the food in the oven is cooked fast and even not only that, the heated air circulating around the food makes it more juicy and crispy as it seals all the flavour induced in the cooking properly. 

Lastly, the essential thing is that it saves time, making the cook faster but keeping the taste and texture of the food delicious and even.

Steps On How To Use Quick Bake On Frigidaire Oven

Above, we have discussed one of the ways of setting quick back; this is another way, and these steps are also accessible as the first one. 

Setting The Cooking Time

As we already know that the purpose of quick baking is to speed up the cooking time, so it is recommended to cut down 30 percent of the cooking time. 

As this point is clear, all you need to do is press the on/off timer button and set the time using the upper arrow in the control panel.

Increasing/Decreasing Temperature

Push the bake button and then press the arrow buttons going up and down to either increase or decrease the baking temperature according to your need.

Activating Quick Bake 

Now is the time for the final step. To start the quick bake feature, press the button indicating it. 

After that, you will hear the sound of the fan being turned on in the oven and the light of quick bake will be up. 

Ending the Quick Bake

To stop the quick bake feature, press the button clear/off. And the mode of quick baking will stop.

Tips While Using Quick Bake

Now that you are clear on how to use quick bake on Frigidaire oven, we thought of giving you some tips that you can use while you are baking or roasting using the quick bake feature.


  • For better and excellent results, it is recommended to preheat the oven before baking foods like cookies, bread etc. 
  • So that your baked goodies don’t get overly baked, reduce 25 Degree Fahrenheit from the oven temperature suggested by your recipe. 


  • Don’t preheat the oven while roasting your food using Quick Bake.
  • Reduce the cooking time by a 25percent; as we all know, quick bake cooks the food faster. But still, keep a check on the food and, if needed, increase the food to be properly roasted.

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