Kitchenaid Oven Fan Won’t Turn Off – Reasons And Solution

Kitchenaid fans are functioned to turn off when no more voltage is received by them. Sometimes, the oven fan won’t turn off even after the oven has stopped working. Then, it’s real trouble for you when the Kitchenaid oven fan won’t turn off. 

There are some reasons that can malfunction the oven’s performance. A problematic thermostat is the most common reason behind this malfunction. If the oven’s control board is defective, then the problem may also be created. 

However, resolving the Kitchenaid oven fan turning off issue is all about following some easy steps. After turning off the fan, you need to verify the cooling fan and reset the circuit breaker. Dive into the discussion for a better understanding.

Kitchenaid Oven Fan Won't Turn Off

What are the reasons why Kitchenaid oven fans won’t turn off?

There are a few reasons why your Kitchenaid oven fans won’t turn off. Let’s check the reasons for malfunctioning from this part. 

Stuck thermostat contact

Stuck thermostat contact is one of the commonest reasons for Kitchenaid oven fans won’t turn off. A faulty thermostat continuously sends voltage to the oven fan after the oven has cooled down. Using a multimeter, you can easily test the thermostat condition. If the thermostat shows continuity at any temperature, then it’s defective. Replacing the thermostat is the only solution in this circumstance. 

Defective high limit thermostat

To heat up the oven, a high limit thermostat works as the essential component. It sends voltage to the thermostat and so, the oven heats up. A defective high limit thermostat keeps sending the voltage to the oven fans even after cooling down. A multimeter can determine the continuity. If you find the continuity, then the high limit thermostat is faulty. 

A problematic oven control board

The oven control board regulates power to the bake, broil, and fan circuits. Any of the components may short out. As a result, a problematic oven control board arises. This incident may allow receiving continuous voltage to the oven fan. Though this is a rare case, it can take place. Changing thermostats won’t resolve this problem. Only changing the oven control board is the solution. 

How to solve Kitchenaid oven fan won’t turn off

Kitchenaid oven fans can’t be turned off using any switch or something like that. By following some tricks, you can easily turn off the Kitchenaid oven fan. Let’s check them out. 

Step:1- Turn off the convection fan

Kitchenaid ovens come with electric and gas ranges options. On electric ovens, select Bake Mode so that you can take the oven out of Convection Mode. You need to turn the convection fan off in case of gas ranges. To do this, you need to use the fan switch above the oven door. 

Step:2- Verify the cooling fan

Unfortunately, there is no physical switch for the cooling fan. The cooling fan only can operate after the oven is off. After reaching a safe temperature, the cooling fan will turn off automatically. As the cooling fan can’t be turned off automatically, move to the next step. 

Step:3- Reset power at the circuit breaker 

The last step is resetting the power at the circuit breaker. Also, you need to reset the whole unit then. 

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