Wilton 12×18 Cake Pan Instructions

Wilton baking pan is considered one of the best pans for making amazing cakes for weddings, birthdays, etc. The pan is considerably large in size, making it an ideal option for baking all sizes of cakes. Since it’s made of Anodized Aluminum, there are no chances of over-heating or even rusting. 

Wilton 12 x 18 cake pan has some instructions that you need to follow before you start baking cake. First, do non-stick spray and then bake as directed to prepare your pan for the best baking. You need to spray only on the top rack. And also, ensure before using your pan, you rinse and dry it thoroughly to clear all the water and any leftovers.

Let’s continue reading to know all the ins and outs of your Wilton cake pan and the necessary instructions. 

Wilton 12x18 Cake Pan Instructions

Wilton 12×18 Cake Pan Instructions

Wilton 12×18 cake pan is manufactured with Anodized Aluminum, making this lightweight pan resistant to rusting and heating. Below are some of the instructions you can follow while using a Wilton 12 x 18 cake pan. 

For Servings

You can Wilton 12×18 cake pan for various servings, such as parties. It’s quite flexible for dinners and wedding celebrations. Moreover, you can also use it directly as a serving plate, making your serving procedures more efficient and convenient. 

Baking Preparation

At first, evenly spray the non-stick spray on your Wilton baking pan. Then place your cake and start baking it. After you are done with the baking, thoroughly rinse and dry the pan to remove any leftovers or residues.  

Cooking Tip: Experts always recommend using non-stick spray to avoid your cake sticking to the Wilton cake pan. Although the pan is entirely non-stick, you can still use a non-sticking spray to get the perfect bake. 

Ideal Pan Size

This pan is ideal for any gathering or party due to its convenient size. Moreover, you also won’t need a separate serving plate, as the Wilton baking pan is elegant enough to be served on the dining table. 

Cake Serving Measurements

The type of cake you will serve matters, especially while baking a cake. If you serve party cake, the ideal measurement will be about 1 ½ to 2 inches in size. Moreover, your wedding serving cake measurement can be approximately 1 to 2 inches. Therefore, using a Wilton 12×18 cake pan, the party and wedding servings can be around 72 to 98, respectively.

Note: You must be aware that the measurement can change, and the final result might vary your servings.

Bake Time and Temperature

Bake time and temperature are essential points for your baking. You need to have a clear idea of baking time management and keep an eye on your oven temperature. This is because the baking time will have an overall impact on your cake results. 

However, both time and temperature depend on your oven performance, so the oven type you use is also an important fact. The ideal temperature for your party and wedding servings is around 325 F, and it takes around 55 to 60 minutes to get baked.

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