Wilton Teddy Bear Cake Pan

It is always fun to bake cakes in the shape of a teddy bear. For many it seems to be a difficult job but it is easier than you think. You can do it in your home by following the procedure wilton offers.

Wilton has various recipes such as the teddy bear cake pan, Stand-up cuddly bear cake, Good time teddy bear cake etc. We will discuss teddy bear cake pan recipes here for you. Which you can make easily at your home.

Wilton Teddy Bear Cake Pan

Wilton Teddy Bear Cake Pan

Wilton teddy bear cake is served to about 12 people. This is a beginner skill level cake. Preparation time for this cake is 2 hour and 30 minutes and it will take a total of 3 hour  and 30 minutes to complete this cake fully.

Any kind of birthday or a celebration will inspire you to create a teddy bear cake. With the wilton teddy bear cake recipe you can do it easily at home. Once you’ve cooked your favorite cake then have fun piping all the cute furry features with delicious buttercream frosting and a grass tip. Add a pink heart for an adorable finishing. Then serve the cake to your loved ones.

This cake will bring delight to the hearts of your kids. On their birthday celebration you must have one of these teddy bear cakes. The recipe is to simply bake a cake in normal procedure  and rest you must follow to decorate and highlight the cake as a teddy bear. 

The wilton teddy bear pan will never hibernate. The dimensions of the pan is about 13.5”×12.25”×2”. Also the other versions can be found as 33 centimeters in diameter. This pan is mostly made of aluminum. With non-sticky quality of material this pan is also dishwasher safe. It is a versatile pan to have in your collections. 

There is another version, which is called the wilton 3d teddy bear cake pan. Which marketers say is still not available in the market yet. But soon  the company will release the version on the market.

A size of 10.2”×6.25”×10.2” teddy bear can carry 6.66 cups of any firm cake batter from your mix or  your recipe. Its normal566  oven safety temperature varies from 350 degree celsius to 450 degree celsius.

Here’s the ingredients and tools you gonna need for wilton teddy bear cake:


  • 1 box cake mix or 4-5 cups cake batter
  • Creamy white decorating icing ; 4 lb. tub
  • Black Icing Color
  • Brown Icing color
  • Red-Red icing color
  • Royal icing color
  • Cake release non stick pan spray


  • Teddy bear cake pan
  • Cooling grid
  • Disposable decorating bags
  • Round cake decorating tip 5
  • Round decorating tip 3
  • Special decorating tip 233
  • Round decorating tip 4
  • Round decorating tip 2
  • 9 inch tapered spatula


  • The initial step is to bake a cake in normal procedure. Then cool down the cake into the teddy bear pan.
  • Next step is tint icing. With Tint of 2 cups icing light brown, ¼ cup of icing medium brown and ¼ cup of icing dark brown using color combination provided.
  • Combine brown and red-red icing to get the light brown color shown.
  • Combine brown, red-red and a touch of black icing to get the medium brown color.
  • Combine brown, red-red and black icing to get the dark brown color.
  • Use the black icing color to tint ⅛ cup of icing black. Use the rose icing color to tint ⅛ cup of icing rose.
  • Reserve ⅛ cup of icing white.
  • Decorate the cake. Prepare decorating bags with tips and icing as follows:
  1. Tip 5 and rose icing
  2. Tip 2 and white icing
  3. Tip 4 and dark brown icing
  4. Tip 5 and medium brown icing
  5. Tip 233 and light brown icing
  6. Tip 3 and black icing
  • Use the medium brown bag with tip 5, pipe pads , inner ear and muzzle; Smooth it by using tapered spatula.
  • Use the dark dark brown bag with tip 4 , pipe eyes, nose and mouth. Smooth it by using tapered spatula.
  • Use the black bag with tip3, pipe the pupils. Use the white bag with tip 2, Pipe the Highlights of eyes.
  • Use the rose bag with tip 5, pipe the heart and smooth it by using tapered spatula,
  • Use the light brown bag with tip 233, By using a grass technique to cover the whole body with fur.

Use a pastry brush to help spread the non sticky sprays into the corner of the pan. This will eventually sharpen the outlines of the cake. The teddy bear cake pan holds 4-5 cups of batter or 1 box of cake mix.

Allow the cake to cool in a pan on a cooling rack about 10-15 minutes before removing to prevent cracking or breaking. Let the cake cool for 2 hour on the pan before decorating.

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