Wilton Winnie The Pooh Cake Pan

Cartoon character-designed cakes are quite popular among children, and they love it when it’s their birthday. Winnie the Pooh is one of the most famous Disney characters. Thus, Wilton Winnie, the Pooh Cake Pan, has made it easy for the bakers to make the exactly designed cakes.

Using a Pooh cake pan will help a baker bring the exact shape of the bear, and they can also make a standing cake. The makers don’t have to use a knife to shape the cake.

Let’s see how should you choose the pooh cake and what features the cake pan from the Wilton brand has.

Wilton Winnie The Pooh Cake Pan

How To Choose A Wilton Winnie The Pooh Cake Pan?

Though the brand is pretty good, and the manufacturers use high-quality raw materials to produce the cake pans, you must look for some qualities. 

If you choose a cake pan in your desired shape wisely, you may get better performance. Let’s see what you should consider while selecting a Winnie the Pooh cake pan.


The Wilton Winnie the Pooh cake pans are usually made of metals because they provide stability and durability to the pan. Moreover, the steel cake pans can be strong even inside a heated oven. 

It is also easy to oil brush the pan if made of steel or similar metals. The metal used here is aluminum, and it is the safest metal of all. But much to your surprise, the cake pans can be made of glass, silicon, or even non-stick materials.


Thickness is another thing you need to consider because every type has its own benefit. For example, thin pans are inexpensive and easy to handle. On the other hand, the thick cake pans are more durable and appropriate though expensive.

The thickness of this product is actually moderate; that is helpful because it prevents the pan from bending. However, you should avoid excessive thick or thin cake pans because both of them may cause problems.

Sticking Options

Either a cake pan will be sticking or non-stick, and if you ask which one is better, the answer will be non-stick. The non-stick pans ensure that the baked cake doesn’t stick to the pan’s surface. A sticky pan may cause the cake to break into pieces while cutting the edges with a knife before placing it.

But non-stick pans require more concentration from the baker because he has to check frequently if the cake is ready to remove.


Though most of the cake pans can accurately shape Winnie the Pooh, they may slightly vary from each other. You must check which pan provides the perfect shape and size for the cake. 

The stability of the cake gets depends much on the shape and sometimes on the depth of the pan. The shape and depth make the cake stand look well. 

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